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New Generation Auctions is  Lincoln , and Southeast Nebraska's leader in Complete Estate and Business Liquidation. With over 20 years of buying and selling at auction. We travel the state bringing great Auctions to you.  We have the knowledge and staff that allows us to also specialize in the following.

-Classic Cars

-High end jewelry, silver and gold






-Antique Furniture



-Vintage toys

-Vintage Glass

-Coin opp-Sports Memorabilia

-Vintage Automobiles

-Farm Equipment


-These are just a few things we specialize in.

We conduct Estate Auctions for the following.

1.Moving Auctions

2. Downsizing, and Divorce situation.

3. Death in the family we will help you with the hard choices of what to keep and what you should move along with     complete respect.

4.Business Liquidations .

5.Coin Auctions

6. Specialty Auctions

7. Vintage Car Auctions

8. Antique Auctions

9. Special Events

We also volunteer for special needs groups on availability

If you have large collections we have the following of clients to bring to the auction to insure you get top dollar. 

Licensed and Insured, New Generation Auctions are auctioneers you can trust to give you the best results.Full Time Professional and Knowledgeable Auction Service.

Our auction firm also provides appraisal services for estate, liquidation & divorce situations. 


Our staff has been trained to assist with the evaluation and marketing of your collection. We are prepared to work together with consignors to market their collections to generate the greatest results.  

Why sell goods at auction with New Generation Auctions.

 The Truth is that we can (and do) sell just about anything at auction.

 Here are the advantages of an auction over other sale methods:

True Value - Auctions provide a means to obtain a true value for your property. Selling at auction establishes true fair market value.

Liquidity - The auction method provides a means to sell any item or property in quick fashion.

Convenience - Together, we will determine a timeline for the auction of your property. Remember, we are a full service company which includes all aspects of the auction including advertising, marketing, presentation, and auction - day operations.

Speed - Personal and real property are settled fast and completely.

Fairness - When properties need to be split between two or more parties, there is no fairer method to distribute the value.

Hassle Free - Garage sales, flea markets and the like consume your time. Our auction services take very little of your time.

Competition - Buyers compete for your items resulting in the highest possible price.

Reduced Holding Costs - Whether you realize it or not, it costs you money to hold on to your porperty or belongings. You may be paying property taxes on property, fees for a storage unit, or maintenance fees for upkeep. Selling your items or estate at auction eliminates these costs to you.

Cash flow - The sale of your items and / or property will give you funds that were not available to you before the auction.

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Please ask for Shawn at 402-230-0054